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Repost : Boomstick loot thingy

Caz is hosting a "Boomstick loot list Not xmas secret loot thing!" for the Boomstick Brigade (You know who you are!)

It's a sort of Secret Santa thing!

So GO! Add your list to the comments of this post - http://djtraumahawk.livejournal.com/48175.html and maybe you'll get some good loot! (Keep things around $20, PM Caz your addy, and wait and see what you get!)

Oh! And if you have something to send to Caz, PM me, and I'll give you her addy.


Updating Etsy again

So, I'm back home. Nice to visit the folks, but I missed my apartment, with my stuff, and my bed.

Figured out how to take pictures of Lucky - don't let him know you're taking pictures of him. Which meant hanging out of a window and taking shots of him while he was outside.

Reopened the Etsy shop and have been adding things - slowly. MUST learn to take pictures of jewellery. So far, so good, mind you, but they could always be better.

Had a killer time at the Ottawa Gem & Mineral Show. Got a good hawl - and a Bull Shark jaw! Squee! Great addition to my Megalodon Tooth collection. Other than that, the bead swag is good. I got strands of - rose quartz, 2 different shapes of howlite, green agate, moss agate '', soldalite, bloodstone and some large pendants made out of onyx and jasper. Got some faceted glass beads too. Even managed to find a couple of strands of gems for Caz. I also added a huge chunk of Citrine crystal to my mineral collection, along with a smaller hunk of amethyst.

And I blame Caz for showing me the Fire Mountain Gems website. Spent so much money buying beading stuff. *shakes head* Bought a lot, but fuck it, it was on sale and with only 5 bucks shipping, no weight limit, I couldn't help it.

Now all I have to do is start selling stuff on Etsy.

Gone dog-sittin'

Etsy shop's closed for a while, I'm going to house/dog sit while my folks go away for their anniversary.

Good news, is that the external drive that died, the one with all my music and photos, all 600+ gigs of it? It's been recovered! I never thought it possible, but a local computer/laptop store (the one where I got my most recent laptop) managed to recover everything! Squeee!

It wasn't cheap - $800 bucks, but there's over 30,000 photos on that drive! Every photo I've ever taken is on there. And music! Tons of music that I've bought and downloaded is on it too. I probably have doubles of stuff by now, and it'll take some time for me to go through everything, but at least I have my stuff back!
Here. Have a picture of the insane dog I'll be dog-sitting. Name's Lucky. He's the worse to photograph - he never stays still long enough for me to get a shot.

Snuck up on him with the camera phone. Thought it'd work - got a nose print on the lens for my efforts.

Crazy little shit.

Searching for a theme.

Kinda sick of this theme, so I went through all of Livejournal themes available... and wow, there's a lot of crap in there.

Figures that the one I like the best isn't free. It's the 'Coffee & Camera' theme. *sigh* Do I want to shell out $30 bucks for a theme? Not really.

Livejournal, why do you have to look so shitty?


Etsy Store

Got bored, so I finally got off my ass and opened up an Etsy store - RebelHeartCreations

Been meaning to do so for months - I have hundreds of items to list (been making jewelry for years now, without a way to sell them.) Turns out I'm better at nature photography than jewelry photography. *laughs* Oh well.

Still nervous as hell when it comes to posting/listing/selling stuff. Stupid anxiety rules my frickin' life. Luckily, I have Butterscotch Schnapps and my new favorite drink "McGuinness Creme De Cacao" (it tastes like chocolate & marshmallows!) to help take the edge off.

Getting annoyed at my Livejournal name.... might just pay the $15 bucks to rename it, get rid of the 'inferno' part, since I don't write under that name anymore.... Or maybe just change it to 'Rebel Heart'.... hmm....


It's alive!

So... yeah. I forgot this existed. *facepalm*

I'm in a rut. I know I should be doing something, but well, yeah, rut. I'm bored. I want to do something, but nothing holds any interest. The weather's been shitty and hot, so it's been hard to head out for a day of photography, I could make some jewelry, but I look at the beads and I only see beads, not the necklace they could be....


Anyway, shit to look out for:

Caz's Etsy shop - I'm goin' shoppin' later this month!

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer - About it, here. And the link to the music is here.
(FYI - Caz, I found the earlier compilations from 2010 and 2012, you want?)

Current fav music track - The Rabid Whole, Serenity Falls from the 2012 record, Refuge. (Caz's fault! Everytime I listen to Boomstick Radio, I end up spending money on new music! Been downloading/searching for stuff from 16 Volt since Wednesday.)

KMFDM preorder, their new CD comes out in October!

And THIS! I wants it my precious! Elder Predator, by Sideshow Collectibles. There's so much stuff on this site that I want. Like Optimus Prime from Dark of the Moon, but he's too expensive, even though he looks absolutely amazing.

Spending time on the web has it's merits, hence, this. The Red Book of Westmarch from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Made special, over the course of a few months, to order. It's a gorgeous piece of fan memoribilia.

And why the hell isn't there a Smaug statue yet? I mean, Weta did one inspired by John Howe, a faux-bronze statue, except there were only 300 made, and they sold out months ago.... There's another, real bronze one, but it's almost $6000 US, so, yeah, that's not happening. But why hasn't someone like Sideshow put one out? I want my Smaug dammit! If I can't have a Draco from Dragonheart dragon, then I want Smaug.

Speaking of dragons, I'm toying with the idea of getting a tattoo-friendly version of this picture, Eternal Spring, by Sixthleafclover. There's also this, Scorched Earth, by Arcipello. I guess it's a good thing I'm overweight and that my arms are big - gives me more room for tattoos.

And this month, I'm going to clean out a corner of my bedroom so I can buy an Eliptical Trainer. I've gained some more weight, despite my efforts, so I'm going to try working out again. Doctors are of no use to me, (if one more looks at me and tells me that I'm fat and that I should eat less, I'll snap) so I'm on my own again.

So, yeah, that's about it.


Jan 25th

There's no rest for the wicked, and apparantly none for me either. Damned insomnia.

Haven't posted in forever. Dad got through the operation, minus one kidney. He's fully recovered, and after six weeks of not being able to do/lift anything, is back to being his stubborn self. (He did not like it that Mom and I had to do all the heavy lifting over the holidays.)

Other than that, been updating my Deviantart a lot, trying to get done with the 2011 photos. Bad enough I'm a year behind (again). With the amount of photos I have in my '2012' folder, I'm going to have to do massive batches of uploads. I've given up on catching up to current photos - my attention span comes and goes like it's on crack.

Manulife is being a complete bitch again. Got a 'new' case worker (my seventh? in nine years). And she's missing parts of my file too. Didn't even bother talking to this new twit. Sent her straight to Dad. Gives him something to do, and keeps what's left of my sanity intact. (I swear, these people care more about forms than they do about the people they're supposed to be helping. *sigh*)

So, yeah. Tired, not sleeping, but still alive and sort of sane. Or at least as sane as I get.
...and I'm too lazy to repost....

Shark Photography Feature Blog over at my photography Deviantart account.

They're already here.

Dr. Peter Herring displays a black dragonfish,
a deep-sea fish found at a depth of about 1,000 meters.

Scientists believe it might use its luminous cheek patches
to communicate. -By Craig T. Kojima, Star-Bulletin

No, no, no. That is a fuckin' Alien chestburster! Someone get the fire! Dammit, where's a gun-toting lunatic when you need one?!



My mother said she was tired of reading the old posting here. So here ya go, mom! *laughs*

Here's a track from the Deux Ex Human Revolution OST. It very much reminds me of some of the mellow-er tracks from the Transformers scores.

Main Theme - Icarus.mp3